Deep Drawing 3/8" Copper to Tight Tolerance at Gasser & Sons

Gasser & Sons, Inc. is a pioneer in the manufacture of precision metal stampings, deep drawings and machined parts and assemblies. Certified ISO-9002 since 1994 and ISO-9001:2000 since 2003, we continually improve our stampings, deep drawings, machined parts, assemblies and our entire manufacturing process with a goal of zero defects. Specializing in deep drawn metals stamping with capacities from 10 to 400 tons, seamless deep drawing components, shapes & shells, housings & enclosures. Our new challenge is tight tolerance copper deep draw component to extra heavy wall thickness.

The task: Deep draw a cup-shaped copper part, 8" high x 4" diameter, with a wall thickness of .375" (9.525mm)", while maintaining very specific tolerances and geometries. To begin with, this was twice the thickness of any part Gasser & Sons had previously drawn. After experimenting with less expensive aluminum, the parameters were established by a team comprised of members of both the engineering and production departments.

It was determined that the blank needed was to be stamped from a square blank to eliminate as much scrap as possible and a blanking die was built and set up in a mechanical press as the first operation. From this point on, everything was done in a 125-ton hydraulic press without the need for a pressure pad. To achieve the specific "cup" shape, a proprietary shaped die was built that incorporated unique geometries to draw the thick copper part without damaging, stretching, wrinkling, or otherwise stressing the material. These dies essentially have a series of programmed points that results in a generous outward arc that transitions to a downward fall, permitting the thick copper to "flow" out-and-down.

Four successive dies were designed with less "out" and more "down" geometries to bring the part to its final specified shape without creating unwanted pinch points. The tool steel die sets ran up to about 500 lbs for the largest die with the required clearance allowed in addition to the material thickness. These die sets will be stored in Gasser & Sons' Die Library for future production runs of this very special part.

On the bottom line, Gasser & Sons, Inc. is able to prove day in and day out that they have the skilled people, manufacturing technologies and metalworking experience needed to meet their customers' most demanding part requirements.

Gasser is dedicated to the highest tradition of Metal Stamping and Deep Drawing that has provided our customers with the best parts, prices, quality and services for over 80 years worldwide. Call Gasser today for expert technical engineering support at 631-543-6600 or visit our website at

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