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DC Cable Harness System Reduces Labor and Time to Install

Press release date: Nov 08, 2012

With the solar industry mantra of "lowering cost per watt" in mind, USA Wire & Cable Inc. offers a significant time- and money-saving solution for large commercial and utility-scale PV solar projects.

"Our pre-assembled solutions make quick work of string wiring hook-ups, reducing time, labor and waste while improving quality and safety," says USAWC Vice President of Solar, Hugh Robertson.

The DC Cable Harness is a "plug and play" system of all string PV wires run in parallel, with lengths pre-cut to exact array requirements, connectors pre-terminated and weather-resistant string ID labeling, delivered on a single reel to the field. This means field personnel make one pull instead of 16 (for an 8-string array). Measuring, stripping, crimping, assembly, testing and labeling are no longer required in the field.

In addition to quick installation, improvements in quality, accuracy and safety are realized and waste is eliminated. "Our indoor facility means an equipped and controlled environment with no weather delays," said Robertson. "An experienced assembly team runs quality control and continuity testing on 100% of wiring, connectors, labels, lengths and connector orientation."

Based on actual results from 200MW of projects, it has been shown that pre-assembled harnesses can be installed in a tenth of the time of doing the installation in the field. "On a 10MW project this realized a $223,000 savings in labor!" Robertson said.

USA Wire & Cable Inc. can provide cable take-off and design for most systems of 1MW and greater. With more than 500MW supplied in the last 12 months and millions of dollars saved in overall construction costs, this balance-of-plant system offers significant value.

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