Datalogic's Mobile Computers Now Equipped with Voice Technology

Datalogic announces the availability of the vo-CE® software suite for its Windows-based range of mobile computers

Bologna, 4th December 2006 - Datalogic has provided its Datalogic Jet(TM) PDA and Kyman-Net(TM) mobile computer with voice technology support via the vo-CE® software suite, powered by Nuance speech engines, a leading provider of speech and imaging solutions for business and consumers. This solution enables Datalogic's mobile computers to be used now with any data capture technology: laser scanner (barcodes, RFID, imaging), data entry via keyboard and voice.

With vo-CE® technology, warehouse management systems that use Datalogic's Windows-based mobile computers can be easily and quickly equipped with automatic speech recognition (ASR), and the transformation of text-based strings into speech (TTS).

With this new software application, activities like picking and inventory can be considerably increased. Mobile computers with vo-CE® enable operators to carry out picking activities in warehouses by voice commands: the operator receives picking instructions sent by the IT system without using hands which remain free for picking operations.

vo-CE® does not need middleware software or server and makes Datalogic's mobile computers multimodal. To use Datalogic's mobile computers with voice recognition technology, all that is needed is a connection to a standard headset. The Datalogic Jet(TM) v5 is equipped with a standard jack connector, making it compatible with all the different headsets on the market, while the Kyman-Net(TM) needs a headset adapter also available from Datalogic.

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