DataLase and National Label Solve OTC Promotional Dilemma

(September 2006) - DataLase (formerly Sherwood Technology), originator of the award winning DataLase® process, announces that it is working with National Label Company to apply variable data onto promotional game-piece labels. National Label is using DataLase's PACKMARK(TM) solution, an innovative coding and marking solution for applying on-demand variable information to primary packaging materials.

National Label Company, a leading, specialized label printing and converting company with facilities in North America and the Caribbean, is using DataLase® PACKMARK(TM) to create a unique numerical code on the reverse side of promotional labels for a major over-the-counter (OTC) client. The promotional labels each feature a unique number that could match to win consumer prizes.

In the past, National Label used inkjet-printing techniques to create the numerical codes. That process however, had occasional issues with numbers on the labels rubbing off, or removed by exposure to certain solvents. Initially, National Label reviewed the idea of printing a standard ink block and employing a laser to create the image, yet this proved to be ineffective since the alpha/numeric copy had to be created underneath two film substrates.

The perfect solution, however, became clear when National Label began using DataLase® PACKMARK(TM) process which "writes" the promotional code on the game piece label with a unique coating that changes color when exposed to a low power CO2 laser. The DataLase® process proved ideal since it is the only labeling technique capable of producing positive data through layers of sealed film, so codes can be encapsulated within layers of laminate on the reverse of the label. This ensures a completely tamper proof solution. Furthermore, the low powered CO2 laser is far more cost effective than other laser imaging devices, since it functions at a lower power setting, can run faster than standard ink ablation techniques, and with no residue issues at all.

"The extensive labeling requirements of our customers called for a new, breakthrough labeling solution," comments Neil Sellars, director of product development & marketing at National Label Company. "To meet this challenge, we turned to DataLase, as the innovative DataLase® process was the only solution on the market that could fulfill the special needs of our client."

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