Danfoss Launches EnVisioneering Exchange Podcast Series

Danfoss has launched a brand-new podcast series, EnVisioneering Exchange, to address the changing landscape of industry. The podcast will feature thought-provoking interviews and dialogue that discuss the effect on technology and business — from refrigerant and efficiency regulations and standards to the impact of climate change and trends like digitalization and electrification.

“Today, the HVACR industry — and our built environment as a whole — faces an evolving set of challenges and demands. Now more than ever, dialogue among industry stakeholders through quick, digestible information sources is vital,” said Lisa Tryson, director, corporate communications, at Danfoss. “We’re excited to introduce the EnVisioneering Exchange podcast, which — much like our EnVisioneering Symposia Series — we hope will provide valuable information from thought leaders and experts-in-their-fields to our partners, stakeholders, and the entire industry.”

The EnVisioneering Exchange podcast is hosted and moderated by Danfoss Director of Public and Industry Affairs John Sheff.

The first three episodes of the podcast are available for download now — all focusing on refrigerants:​​​​​​​

  • Episode one addresses refrigerant regulations like those related to the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol as well as California Air Resources Board (CARB).
  • Episode two discusses refrigerant safety and flammability.
  • Episode three dives into refrigerant trends in air conditioning. 

In addition to the EnVisioneering Exchange podcast, Danfoss also produces its Solutions magazine and EnVisioneering Solutions blog.

The EnVisioneering Exchange podcast can be downloaded at https://soundcloud.com/danfoss_us.

Media contact:
Lisa Tryson, Director, Corporate Communications & PR – Email: LisaTryson@Danfoss.com, Phone: +1 410 513 1142

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