Daburn Electronics and Cable January 2015 Newsletter

Daburn has ISO9001:2008 and AS9100 quality certifications and is also UL certified to produce over 500 recognized styles of wire and cable.

We have introduced many new products to meet our changing customer needs. We will highlight these new products in newletters this year.

#2720 DAFLEX Ultra-Flexible Microminiature Shielded Cable

Suited for low voltage applications where flexibility is required; such as missiles, computer, bio-medical instruments, recorders and servers. It is also applicable where miniaturization is required in microelectronics such as mobile phones, and computer tablets/watches.

#2475 FEP High Voltage Wire

This wire achieves high voltage protection due to the excellent dielectric properties of FEP and therefore has smaller diameters than other high voltage wires. FEP also has a high stress crack resistance and retains its toughness and flexibility even at higher temperatures up to 200°C.

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