Customized Plastic Barrel Trains Made by Wilke Enginuity

It's one heck of a good way to spend a summer afternoon, chugging along with your whole family aboard an easy-going barrel train. Unlike its fiercer cousin, the roller coaster, the barrel train is an activity that bodes well for everybody - not just screaming teenagers. Young kids can get a thrill out of it, as can the old-timers. For anyone who hasn't been on a miniature barrel train - whether it be at an amusement park, a theme restaurant, a state fair, or even on your own property - you're missing out on one of the greatest, most easy-going leisure activities to roll America's way since public swimming pools and miniature golf.

The customized plastic barrel trains we make here at Wilke can be adopted for any of the above-mentioned uses, and many more besides. From kiddie-sized "school-chair" type trains to trains that can accommodate adults as well as children, our barrel trains are also adaptable to many different propulsion systems. You can even attach our plastic barrel train-cars to the back of a high-powered lawnmower, and take yourself for a grand tour around your local lawn, park, or pasture.

As of now, we have several clients who have already purchased our trains (or are in the process of making purchases), all of whom love the precision we've put into each car-link. Fully compliant with all requisite state regulations, our barrel trains will "bowl you over" with their perfect blend of craftsmanship, simplicity of set-up, and easiness of use. Put the key to the ignition and get started on one of our barrel trains today!

For more information, please visit our website or call 1-800-936-6201.

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