Custom Thermal Applications Contracted by Leading Meat Processor to Upgrade Plant Sanitation Hot Water Production

Brampton, Ontario - Custom Thermal Applications Inc., a global provider of industrial High Volume Process Water Heating solutions, was contracted to implement an upgrade of the high volume water heating system at a leading meat processing company that improved water temperature control and process demands mandated by increased volumes of sanitation hot water.

The upgrade incorporated Custom Thermal Applications' QuikWater Direct Contact Water Heater thereby:

• Increasing sanitation hot water capacity

• Reducing sanitation times

• Increasing sanitation effectiveness while substantially reducing the energy requirements needed to heat the water

Custom Thermal Applications designed the new system application for the client's 24/7 business operation by integrating with the old, so that - in the event of emergencies – there could be a quick switch-over to a back-up system (even though it is dated and is no longer performing to the customer's high standards).

The project required Custom Thermal Applications to design, install and test new systems and modifications for gas, air, water, pumps and control panels. 

The new QuikWater provides:

• Greater water heating capacity – an output of 272 USGPM heating the water from 2°C(35°F) to 63°C(145°F)

• Dramatically increased fuel efficiency – from about 65% to 70% for the old steam/heat exchanger system to 99% for the QuikWater. This qualified the client for a rebate from the gas company.

• Steady output water temperature even during fluctuating or peak plant demands for hot water.  

QuikWater Direct Contact Water Heaters – operating on gas or propane – have no tubes separating the water from the combustion gases. The water passes directly through the combustion gases and this "Direct Contact" results in rapid transfer of heat from the combustion gases to the water.

The water is heated from as low at 0°C (32°F) to as high as 93°C (200°F) in a single pass. Water quality is actually improved (potable in means potable out) and the resultant thermal efficiency is 99% (for the standard units heating to 82°C (180°F) or 98% for the QuikWater MegahHeater which heats to 93°C (200°F).

Emissions are correspondingly low and the exhaust leaves the heater at only 6°C (10°F) above the inlet water temperature.

About Custom Thermal Applications

Since 1987 Custom Thermal Applications has been providing industrial customers with solutions to their Combustion industry challenges by designing and building Combustion Systems to meet the unique requirements of Paint Finishing Systems, Metal Heat Treating, Aluminum Processing, Bakery Ovens and Printing Presses. Systems have been used in producing automotive parts, aluminum extrusions, consumer ready food products, paper products and metal refining.

Custom Thermal Applications are manufacturers' representatives for QuikWater direct contact water heaters and Pollution Control Products. QuikWater is a world leader in reducing greenhouse gases through energy efficient water heating equipment. Pollution Control Products' specialty burn-off ovens provide cleaning of paint racks and electric motors through a closely controlled pyrolysis process, reducing the environmental impact of paint and varnish removal.

Custom Thermal Applications has provided solutions to manufacturers throughout North America, providing value by using the right technology for the application.

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