Custom Thermal Applications Contracted by Leading Heavy Truck Component Supplier after Engineering Review

Brampton, Ontario -- Custom Thermal Applications Inc., a global provider of industrial combustion solutions, has been contracted to implement an upgrade of an existing finishing system for a leading heavy truck component manufacturer after completing an engineering study that identified ways to improve performance.

The upgrade promises to improve process control, increase production, improve quality control, and improve health and safety working conditions.

For this project, Custom Thermal Applications will take the system that is dated and is no longer performing to the customer’s high standards, and make the improvements necessary without replacing the entire system.

“We have the unique turnkey ability to assess the performance level of a Finishing System, with regards to quality control, production through put, health, safety and environmental impact, and then provide the expertise to design and install the recommendations,” said Trevor Davies, President of Custom Thermal.

The engineering changes for the truck component supplier will provide:

  • Fewer rejects and rework,

  • Tracking of parts through the system by providing data showing the time the parts were in each stage of the Finishing System,

  • Parts that will exit the system cooler, which helps the workers handle the finished parts.

Custom Thermal Applications will be upgrading the truck component supplier’s existing powder topcoat system with the following changes:

1. Upgrading the existing powder topcoat oven with new burner box, ductwork, and controls.

2. Installing a new cooling tunnel after the powder topcoat oven to cool the part after the curing process.

3. Upgrading the natural gas valve train to meet safety codes.

4. Installing a new high temperature RFID tracking system for the paint line pallets.

About Custom Thermal Applications

Since 1987 Custom Thermal Applications has been providing industrial customers with solutions to their Combustion industry challenges by designing and building Combustion Systems to meet the unique requirements of Paint Finishing Systems, Metal Heat Treating, Aluminum Processing, Bakery Ovens and Printing Presses. Systems have been used in producing automotive parts, aluminum extrusions, consumer ready food products, paper products and metal refining.

Custom Thermal Applications are manufacturers’ representatives for QuikWater direct contact water heaters and Pollution Control Products. QuikWater is a world leader in reducing greenhouse gases through energy efficient water heating equipment. Pollution Control Products’ specialty burn-off ovens provide cleaning of paint racks and electric motors through a closely controlled pyrolysis process, reducing the environmental impact of paint and varnish removal.

Custom Thermal Applications has provided solutions to manufacturers throughout North America, providing value by using the right technology for the application.

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