Custom Systems and Components for Additive Manufacturing

• Components include linear, rotary, lift and Z-axis stages, goniometers, motion controls, drives and motors

• Custom systems include multi-axis, gantry, air-bearing, cleanroom and vacuum-prepped

• Minimum step size to 1 nm, in-position stabilities are to <1 nm, and accuracies are to 250 nm

• Custom systems and components already tested in real-life applications

• High dynamic performance

Additive manufacturing and 3D printing are set to revolutionize multiple areas of technology and manufacturing. The dispensing of compounds and coatings requires a 3D motion system to move either the printing head or the substrate with up to six degrees of freedom. Overall system accuracy and throughput are vitally important to creating complex structures with a commercially viable process.

Component to Custom System-Level Solutions

Aerotech offers a full range of additive manufacturing motion systems and components to fit any application. Aerotech manufactures our own motors, drives and motion controllers that can be used to develop your own system. We have an outstanding selection of linear, rotary, lift and Z-axis stages and goniometers that are perfectly complemented by our advanced drives and controls. Aerotech also manufactures a variety of linear motor gantry systems that are available with all electronics and a machine base and are ready to produce immediately upon installation. And if you'd like a custom system engineered to your exact specifications, Aerotech is the manufacturer of choice with many systems installed in a variety of current additive manufacturing applications.

A Variety of Choices to Suit Your Needs

Whether you require the speed and accuracy of a ball-screw or linear-motor solution, Aerotech can provide the best choice for your particular application. Our controllers are available in both stand-alone and software-only versions with from 1 to 32 axes of synchronized control. We offer both mechanical and air-bearing stages, depending on your requirements. Motors can be brush, brushless, torque, linear or rotary. Steel or granite machine bases are available and easily integrated into your system. And of course, Aerotech can engineer and build a custom system designed to your exact specifications.

Track Record

Aerotech has over 40 years of experience building high-performance motion control components and systems, and we've been involved with additive manufacturing applications and equipment from its inception. Our extensive experience, wide product range and highest available product performance can make your additive manufacturing application a success.

For further information, please contact Steve McLane at 412-967-6854 (direct), or via e-mail at In addition, more information on Aerotech additive manufacturing is available at:


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