Custom Modifications for Material Handling Rollers and Bumpers Reduce Cost and Leadtimes

Fraser, MI -- Imao-Fixtureworks offers custom modifications for its standard material handling rollers and bumpers. By modifying standard, off-the-shelf products, a significant amount of time and money are saved, relative to tooling and molding a completely custom product.

The products can be custom modified in various dimensions, shapes and sizes to meet the specific application requirements. For example, the outside diameter (O.D.) of a roller could be turned down, or a bumper of a certain width could be produced. These modifications eliminate the typical design and production time necessary for a custom roller or bumper to be tooled up and molded.

In addition to the material handling rollers and bumpers, standard quick release ball lock pins are assembled to order with stock on hand, and grip lengths (usable lengths) can be modified as well. Lanyards are also available and can be attached with a split ring or direct-to-handle.

Customers should visit for a quote from our technical product support team, or call 888-794-8687 for assistance.

Imao is known for its innovative One Touch Clamps, One Touch Fasteners, and Flex Locators, all of which are operated with no tools for quick changeover. Fixtureworks offers a complete lineup of workholding grippers, fixture clamps, material handling rollers and bumpers, quick release pins, adjustable handles, and a variety of machine components.

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