Custom Fabricated Metal Cone Frustums

Eldred Sheet Metal Works, LLC, a custom metal fabricator located in Houston, TX, introduces custom fabricated metal cone frustums made from carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and alloys. Cone frustums are used by various industries as transitions, rain shields, hoppers, tanks, funnels, guides and forms.

Cone frustums can be fabricated with specified small and large diameters, lengths, and material thicknesses. Eldred offers turnkey fabrication or labor only when customers provide their own material or gores to be fabricated.

A cone frustum is created by cutting off the point of a cone with a line parallel to the base. Eldred fabricates cone frustums from flat layouts by forming the metal to the proper dimensions, usually from as little as two pieces. The process starts with the drawing of the frustum. Eldred uses the latest technology for producing the flat layouts of the cone frustum. Next, the flat layout is programmed into a cad layout and then processed by a plasma cutting/flame cutting machine. Once processed, the flat layout is formed to the desired dimensions and welded to the customer's specifications to create the desired cone frustum. Additional services such as beveling, punching, notching, machining, sawing, or welding may also be performed on the fabricated cone frustums.

Eldred Sheet Metal is a privately owned Houston, TX based custom metal fabricator, in business since 1947. Services include plasma cutting, waterjet cutting, oxy-fuel cutting, rolling, forming, shearing, welding, sawing, punching, notching, grinding, & assembly for the petrochemical, oil & gas, building maintenance, paper & pulp, medical, offshore production, drilling, boiler & heat exchanger industries as well as pipeline contractors.

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