Custom Endboards Protect Heavier Rolls

Custom fabricated endboards are precision made to meet the unique storage and handling needs for medium to large rolls.

(Greenville, Wis.) - Precision-cut custom endboards are combined with sleeve plugs to secure and protect medium to large rolls during shipping and storage. Endboards are made with high-density particleboard, plywood or hardboard up to two inches thick with any variety of holes, slots, notches and other precision cuts necessary to meet a range of unique roll storage and handling needs. Both standard and custom sleeve plugs are available. Single endboards can be configured to suspend one or several rolls. Suspended rolls can be easily stacked and unitized by using Badger Plug's H-channels and U-clips. Recycled endboards, sleeve plugs, H-channels and U-clips are also available at reduced pricing.

Badger Plug: (920) 757-7300

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