Custom Aluminum Foundry Steps on the World's Stage in Ottawa

CAMBRIDGE, ONTARIO, June, 2009 // - Custom Aluminum Foundry (CAF), North America's industry leader in aluminum and zinc aluminum castings, was determined to be the lone company on the continent capable of producing the exacting, custom pieces required as part of a $54 million dollar project being built in Ottawa, Canada's capital.

This project, the Delegation of the Ismaili Imamat, is the world's first building representing the Aga Khan Development Network (which supports social, economic and cultural projects in developing countries). An exhaustive global search for companies possessing the specialized skills necessary for a project of this scope and magnitude identified CAF for the structure's aluminum casting requirements.

Specifically CAF was called upon to create 180 highly intricate panels - that when joined form the aluminum screen that today encloses the 55-foot-high atrium, located just beneath the dome at the Delegation of the Ismaili Imamat. These cast aluminum screens partially obscure the glass walls with their Arabesque-type pattern, a double layer of repeating hexagons. This screen of patterned cast aluminum evokes the screens of carved marble and wood that filter light in historic Islamic architecture.

To satisfy the many constraints and challenges encountered in developing the screens, multiple samples were sent to the facility during construction for testing then back for modification. Finally, with the dovetailing of the architect's vision and CAF's design expertise came the final panel selection. Upon completion, each of the 180 screens weighed 165 pounds, measured 79 inches by 59 inches and was fitted with custom hardware to ensure a successful, lasting installation.

"We loved this historical project. So wildly different than anything else we'd ever done, the process pushed us into new, fresh ways of thinking and into the kinds of dimensions and designs that today showcase our creativity. Our work has always been about constant learning but the role we played in this extraordinary architectural marvel was an education for everyone here," enthuses Joe Butler, CAF's accomplished President. "This proves that the only limit we have is our imagination."

About Custom Aluminum Foundry

For over 50 years, Custom Aluminum Foundry (CAF) has been producing quality aluminum and zinc aluminum castings using a wide variety of processes and alloys. We create castings in virtually any shape, size, and weight, from just a few ounces to more than 7,000 pounds. In fact, our capabilities now 'wow' our clients. We specialize in prototype aluminum castings, large aluminum castings, sand castings, cast-in stainless steel tubing and products that absolutely no one else does.

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