Curve-X2 USB Oven Temperature Profiler

The CURVE-X2 USB offers easy-to-use, high quality temperature datalogging for paint curing ovens. Measurements, analysis levels and report options are fully customizable to provide you with tailor-made information on the quality of your curing processes. The datalogger is fitted with a large illuminated display for easy menu-driven operation and quick display of measurement results. The Ideal Finish data analysis software allows you to analyze the logged data and create detailed reports. These advanced features, together with a wide range of display and printing options, make Curve-X2 USB the most flexible temperature datalogging solution available, ideally suited for both field use and laboratory conditions.

Unique Features:

o Large illuminated display for easy menu-driven operation.

o Menus in five languages: English, Spanish, German, French and Italian.

o Start and stop logging at a pre-set time/date/temperature.

o Programmable (via PC) for up to 15 paint-types, for accurate calculation of the Cure-index.

o If a paint-type is not available in the library, it can be entered in the logger on site.

o Variable measurement interval, date, time, C°/F° and language.

o Displays the results of every stored batch, including Cure-index.

o Standard AA-batteries guarantee 1200 hours of continuous operation.

o Extended memory stores 10 batches of 25,000 measurements each.

The Curve-X2 USB datalogger is supplied with Ideal Finish, the most advanced temperature monitoring software package available today. With two user levels Ideal Finish offers user-friendly report functions for standard production work as well as advanced calculations for in-depth analysis of the curing process and oven performance. Detailed graphic representations and customizable reports help you make the right decisions to optimize your production line.

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