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CTI-X7 Ceramic Standards Benchmark Improves Performance Efficiency Over Traditional Liners

Press release date: Apr 30, 2014

Cedar Bluff, VA – Ceramic Technology, Inc.’s president, Lee Osborne, recently gave a presentation in Las Vegas NV to a concrete customer. The presentation, “Applying Ceramic Standards to Target Improved Operational Performance”, objectively defined the advantages of equipment redesign utilizing proven ceramic standards.

Mr. Osborne stressed that a successful implementation of ceramic equipment redesign will result in lower cost and improved performance specific to primary blending systems such as turn chutes, silos, bins, pump lines, feed hoppers, etc. CTI-X7 ceramic standards benchmark improved performance efficiency over traditional liners such as: abrasion plate 400 to 550 B, mild steel chrome overlay, plastics, UMHW urethanes, rubber and rubber ceramic matrix. By replacing traditional equipment with ceramic, normal cycles of replacing high wear process equipment extends from yearly to 5, 10, 15, or 20 years.

Additional considerations justifying ceramic application that were discussed during the presentation are:
• Stops plug-ups and over spillage that may affect product quality
• Minimizes emergency shutdowns and plug-ups
• Less environmental impact resulting from noise and blowouts.
• Improves incidence rate by limiting manpower exposure to hard to get places that require yearly maintenance and rushed repairs
• Cleaner operations, less clean up and wasted man hours on water hoses to clean up spills.
• Better work force attitude as to work environments
• Allows operations management to focus on core production product efficiency and support team performance

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