Creative Packaging Inc. to Provide "Green" Packaging Solutions for Customers

Allocates Professional Services to Advancing "Green" Technology in the Packaging Sector

Portland, OR - 1 March 2008: Creative Packaging Inc. today announced it is introducing "Green" packaging products to its line. These products are designed to meet the packaging needs of customers wanting to demonstrate a commitment to "Green" technology through environmentally sustainable promotional and packaging items. Today's announcement represents the latest in Creative Packaging Inc. dedication to meeting the needs of its customers, many of whom desire to reflect in their business, a commitment to a clean and green energy future.

Creative Packaging Inc. ensures that customer's "Green" products are done at the right place, on time, and within budget while working hard to ensure energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. Creative Packaging Inc. sees that the manufacturing of their "Green" packaging product line helps reduce the carbon footprint of every customer served.

For more information on Creative Packaging's commitment to a clean energy future, contact an expert in "Green" packaging at

Strategic Investment
"As small and large businesses begin to seek packaging products designed and produced with renewable energy, we want to offer something that enables our customers to capitalize upon these efforts while moving technology towards more cost-friendly products. We are here to ensure customers who need to market themselves as environmentally friendly and want to support "Green" technology are given the opportunity in the packaging sector. Therefore, we are allocating our sales knowledge to furthering the growth of "Green" packaging." said Eric Marquart, President and Founder of Creative Packaging Inc.

About Creative Packaging Inc.
Creative Packaging services many industry leaders, both large business and small, for their packaging needs. Offering products from binders, marketing kits, multi-media and retail packaging, Creative Packaging excells in both service and innovation. At Creative Packaging we are dedicated to meeting the financial, promotional, and personal needs of our customers. The success of the customer is the success of Creative Packaging Inc.

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Eric Marquart
Creative Packaging Inc.

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