Creative Engineers Ships New Induction Pump for Liquid Metals

Phoenix, Md.--Creative Engineers, Inc. (CEI) announced today it is producing Induction Electromagnetic Pumps for use in large flow applications. Electromagnetic pumps are used in applications requiring the circulation or transfer of liquid metals. Such applications include sodium cooled nuclear reactors and liquid metal cooling systems used on furnaces.

In response to customer requests, CEI has begun building and selling the large Flat Linear Induction Pumps (FLIP) once supplied by MSAR. These pumps handle flows to several hundred gallons per minute with significant developed pressures. Power requirements are usually 480 VAC 3 phase.

The pumps operate well on all the alkali metals, their alloys as well as other liquid metals that flow at temperatures below 700 ° C.

High temperature nuclear reactors, thermal solar systems, skull caster furnaces, and chemical reaction systems are among the potential uses for electromagnetic pumps. Any system employing alkali metals (Sodium, Lithium, PbLi or NaK typically) or other liquid metals at elevated temperature would also be potential candidates.
These FLIP Pumps complement CEI's line of AC Conduction Pumps, flow meters, pressure transmitters and valves as well as the company's alkali metal expertise. All assembly operations will take place at the Creative Engineers, Inc. York, Pennsylvania facility, which is permitted to store and use large quantities of alkali metals.

About Creative Engineers, Inc.

Creative Engineers, Inc. (CEI) is a multifaceted process engineering and manufacturing company. The principals and engineers within the company have a large and diverse body of experience in the design, construction and operation of chemical and other manufacturing facilities. The company has extensive background in the use, handling, storage and disposal of water reactive chemicals such as the alkali metals. For more information, visit the company's website at or

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