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Komax Systems Sanitary Mixers and Steam Heaters Dominate Today's High Quality Food Plants

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. - All too often you buy a product with that lifeless, generic taste, something to make you yearn for a day when everything was made with love. This is not, however, a necessary sacrifice when growing from small batch operations to something more robust. With the use of Komax Sanitary Mixers and Heaters, thoughtful food operations can share their passions with a far-reaching audience.

Whether it's yogurts, syrups, sauces, or drinks, Komax will shepherd tasteful products into mainstream light. Komax sanitary mixers produce top quality foods without the expensive and variable batch processes. Komax engineers are devoted to producing systems with the same affectionate care as seen in time-tested recipes by mimicking the consistency and decadence of hands-on methods.

"Using metering pumps, the exact amounts of inputs are blended perfectly for a continuous flow. The personality of our mixers comes from their ability to treat inputs and mixing like a wise professional," said Alphonse Mendy/Applications Specialist. "Furthermore, the intricacy of our designs, particularly with regard to our sanitary steam heaters, means that no cooling or spot heating will happen throughout the process. This provides a consistent temperature and mixture just like that from a seasoned cook. Our sanitary mixers and heaters allow for artisan quality products but with a continual and consistent flow."

High Output Does Not Mean Sacrificing Flavor!

Komax's sanitary mixer line and steam heaters are an ideal solution for food producers looking to expand. The streamlined process uses far less space and manpower, thus decreasing cost in the overall scheme. Production will be faster, cheaper, and much more true to the original recipe. Perfect mixing and consistent heat control are the pillars of these Komax products, but what allows them to excel in food production is their materials and easy to clean design.

"Our sanitary mixers and heaters use 316 stainless steel, the same used in surgical equipment. Combined with an electro polish, these mixing elements and tubing will outlast other mixers without losing integrity. Also unlike other mixers, our no moving parts design provides a product that can be either cleaned in place or taken apart for a more meticulous scrub. In designing these products, we wanted to see your products remain at optimal quality without frequent replacement or maintenance," said Frank Estrada/Production Manager.

Creating a consistently delicious product is not for the faint of heart, so don't strain yourself in mainstream production. Komax sanitary mixers and heaters will allow your team to focus on more constructive aspects of production without constant caretaking. Contact Komax today to learn more.

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