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Create Your Own Custom Designs

Press release date: Dec 29, 2016

Now you can mold and re-mold your own custom designs as many times you want! Just drop it in hot water to melt it before letting it cooldown and mold into a brand new shape. With this design thermoplastic, anyone can safely hand mold sculptures, figurines and shapes of all sizes.

Starting at $12.95

ProtoDough Reusable Prototyping Design Plastic

• Create custom molds of any design quickly & easily

• Non-toxic, lightweight and paintable

• Can be drilled, sawed and machined

• High elongation break points

• Safe for hand molding

• 3.5mm pellets

• Melting point temperature: 136°F-140°F

Part No.                                                           Cross Ref. No.                                                                       Description

2208286                                                         Proto Dough-250G                                                                 250 gram bag

2208307                                                         Proto Dough-1000G                                                               1000 gram bag

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Maximum Light Output

These high-output LEDs are perfect for applications that requires maximum light output. Jameco offers a variety of sizes, colors and styles from various manufacturers.

Starting at $0.12


High-Output LEDs

Part No         Fig.         Emitting Color           Lens Feature             LED Size          Typical Vf               Typical mcd         Wavelength (nm)

2168421        1             Blue Blue                    diffused                      T1                    3.4                         5000                465

2174881        1             White                         White diffused             T1                    3.4                         8000                ----

333526          1             Red                            Water clear                T1 3/4               1.5                         2700               660

333569          1             Yellow                        Water clear                T1 3/4                3.5                         2500               590

334502          1             White                        Water clear                 T1 3/4                3.5                         5000               ----

2205341        2             White                        Water clear                 10mm                3.5                         9000               ----

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