Cove Four Goes Green & Expands Product Line

Cove Four produces precision-formed wire products, wire forms, wire wreathes, masonry ties, anchors, wall ties, springs and assemblies for a variety of industries. We have thousands of tools available for hooks, wire springs, wire pins, pail handles and bails for over four decades. Our world class manufacturing processes will make a difference in your next design project." Cove Four is proud to announce a new line of Green Products.

Cove Four is providing fastening solutions for the erosion control industry including sod staples and mulch pins, using galvanized and bright basic wire. Pins with washers are available in variable lengths. Wire diameters 8 gauge through 11 gauges. Square or round head, chisel point or blunted end, as well as tubing stakes. We also carry our own Tackler, sod staple gun, an efficient way to install any material that must be secured to the ground with sod staples. Stitched Staples also available 11, 9 & 8 gauge 6" in length. To round out the Go Green ensemble we provide a full line of biodegradable jute netting to complement our other nursery supplies. Jute erosion control matting stops erosion damage and keeps soil in place in place until plants take hold. Other offerings are burlap; yard goods, squares and wire basket liners.

As an industry leader since 1960 Cove Four prides ourselves at handling your next project from design to delivery with the utmost professionalism. Cove uses the industry's most advanced technology to perform and whenever possible, eliminate secondary operations. As we acquire more technology and continue to improve production, Cove offers the latest CAD/CAM tool design and development tooling with a state of the art EDM machines, CNC machinery for short runs and computer-controlled production. Feel free to contact us by phone, New York, 516 379-4232, fax, 516 379-4563, California, 714 891-2358, fax, 714 891-3731 or via e-mail or visit our website

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