Cork Flooring has Environmental, Health Benefits

But quality important, distributor advises. Evora cork is quality leader.

Vancouver, B.C. February 24, 2006 -- The world's leading online wholesaler of building materials recommends that environmentally minded consumers of flooring materials investigate the benefits of cork flooring. BuildDirect also advises that cork quality should be a prime consideration in choosing a cork floor.

"Evora cork flooring is an ideal choice with its 25-year structural warranty, a tradition of manufacturing excellence, and the highest grade of natural cork," said BuildDirect Executive Vice President of Sales, Robert Banks.

Evora cork is harvested in Portugal, the heartland of the world's cork industry, where sustainable forest practices protect the cork oak trees. In fact, cork bark is harvested only from mature trees on a nine year cycle. The bark grows back, leaving the tree as healthy as ever, protecting the environment and making cork one of the most renewable flooring resources available.

Banks also advised consumers to remember that warmth and comfort are more than just notions with a cork floor. "Cork's microscopic cell structure makes it a natural insulator as well as a superb cushion for walking and standing. It's also an excellent noise absorber, a great benefit in offices, libraries, and family rooms," said Banks.

Added Banks: "Cork flooring also promotes a healthy home environment. Suberin, the basic substance of cork, not only discourages microbes but is resistant to moisture, fire, and insects."

In addition to its great utility, cork also makes an attractive floor. Public buildings designed by the famous American architect Frank Lloyd Wright still feature the original cork floors installed in the early 20th century.

Evora cork floors feature four decorative styles: Classic cork flooring displays a wide variety of granule sizes in a random pattern. Wine cork flooring displays cross sections of wine-bottle corks on a field of smaller granules. Burled cork flooring displays a mottled appearance with a great deal of "activity" in the design. Blocked cork flooring displays a patchwork pattern of lighter and darker pieces of cork. Each Evora cork floor style comes with the patented Uniclic locking system for easy and stable installation.

Evora cork flooring is available exclusively through BuildDirect, the world's leading online wholesaler of building materials.

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