CoolBalance(TM) Computer Room Seals from Sealeze

Richmond, Virginia - March 31, 2008 - Sealeze, A Unit of Jason Incorporated is introducing CoolBalance(TM), a line of brush seal products for sealing cable access holes in data centers. Combining our experience in applying strip brush to a wide variety of sealing applications and our patent-pending Dyna-Seal(TM) technology, we have developed a brush seal that can substantially reduce data center energy consumption. Dyna-Seal brings the sealing power of an impervious, yet flexible membrane sandwiched between thousands of polygonal filaments to effectively seal the openings required for data cable access.

Data centers and computer rooms by their nature require huge amounts of energy to maintain proper temperatures for server function. CoolBalance cable access seals provide cost-effective sealing with flexible designs facilitating installation virtually anywhere in existing facilities and are excellent choices for cable management seals in new data centers. The CoolBalance line of cable seals provides the widest choice of brush seals for above floor and below floor cable hole cutouts.

CoolBalance cable access brush seals utilize our Dyna-Seal technology to create a superior, cost-effective system that is easily installed in existing or new data centers. No maintenance is necessary. CoolBalance seals can be retro-fit to existing facilities or designed into new facilities. From standard in-floor seals to through-wall seals, CoolBalance provides solutions for sealing cable access holes from small to large diameters.

About Sealeze, A Unit of Jason Incorporated

Sealeze manufactures brush in a broad range of sizes, with a large number of filament types, channels and holders to meet a wide range of application requirements. Applications include closing gaps in machinery and conveyor systems, guiding and positioning in manufacturing processes, sealing machinery from chips and debris, heavy-duty cleaning and delicate wiping, shielding against flying debris, dust, air, spray, light and sound, removing static electricity in material handling, manufacturing processes and machinery, and in a variety of applications in FDA-regulated industries such as food processing and medical instrumentation. Sealeze brush products are also used to seal doors and openings in transportation vehicles and buildings.

Sealeze is a unit of the Jason Brush Group which includes Osborn International North America and manufacturing and sales offices throughout the world that are part of Osborn International, International Operations. All together, the Jason Brush Group is the world's largest brush manufacturing organization.

Sealeze is an ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer.

Sealeze®, Dyna-Seal(TM) and CoolBalance(TM) are trade marks of Sealeze, A Unit of Jason Incorporated.


Bruce Jaggard

Business Development Manger

Sealeze, A Unit of Jason, Inc

8000 Whitepine Road | Richmond, VA 23237

804.275.1675 x 202

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