ControlSoft Inc.2nd Qtr Strategy & Loop Tuning Classes

Highland Heights, Ohio - April 6: ControlSoft, an innovator in advanced process controls, announces its second quarter training classes. Designed for engineers and technicians, the classes cover basic terminology and building blocks of process control plus fundamentals and advanced process control techniques using ControlSoft's fully automated control solutions

PID Loop Tuning Classes for 2nd Quarter 2007

Atlanta, GA - April 25; San Diego, CA - May 23; Sacramento, CA - June 20; and Houston, TX - TBA.

Process Control Strategy Classes (two days) for 2nd Quarter 2007

Atlanta, GA - April 25-26; San Diego, CA - May 23-24; Sacramento, CA - June 20-21; and Houston, TX - TBA.

Taught by instructors with many years of experience in the industry, students learn to

o Solve process problems before they occur

o Breeze through difficult applications

o Improve production and quality

o Minimize downtime

o Increase profitability

Professionals who attended classes in 2006 have given rave reviews of the technological content and method. Especially popular with attendees are copies of the training software and simulations they may use for 90 days on their own systems to simulate the fundamentals taught in the class.

To learn more: -- -- 440-443-3900.

Visitors to may download a free copy of the latest version of ControlSoft's PID Loop Tuning Pocket Guide, which has been expanded to include both open and closed loop tuning procedures, along with additional reference material on controllers.


ControlSoft specializes in advanced control solutions for the process industries. A leader in model-based control for process applications, ControlSoft Inc. was founded in 1985, and is headquartered in Highland Heights, Ohio.

ControlSoft provides two proven software products which are PC-based and work with existing control systems: INTUNE version 5 for process control monitoring, tuning, online diagnostics and automatically reporting poor performance; MANTRA for advanced process control systems, using model predictive techniques to improve profitability and product quality. MANTRA® and INTUNE® are registered trademarks of ControlSoft Inc.

ControlSoft offers custom services, including onsite tuning, consulting, studies, and training in control loop optimization and control strategies. With offices in the U.S., China, and India, ControlSoft provides innovative solutions for the process control market worldwide.

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