Controlled Environment High Precision Phenotyping

The next step in Plant Phenomics precision

Controlled environment high precision phenotyping is an exciting combination of two technology platforms.

For nearly fifty years, Conviron has been supplying controlled environment solutions to the plant science research marketplace. With sales in over 90 countries, our clients range from start up companies to many of the largest and most prestigious plant science research facilities in the world. Conviron's lineup of reach-in chambers, walk-in rooms, research greenhouses, and custom solutions continue to lead the way in applications where precise control of temperature, light, humidity, CO2 and other parameters is required.

Headquartered in Germany, LemnaTec provides the latest technology in high throughput plant imaging for repeated measurements of plant physical attributes (phenotype). Engineered to each client's unique requirements, the LemnaTec Scanalyzer 3D vectorizes the plants and provides researchers enhanced access to identifying trait-specific phenomics markers, including tracking the growth of the plant in all relevant light spectrums:

o FluorescenceΔF/Fm' (PSII efficiency in the light)

o IR (Thermal)

o VIS (visible light)

o NIR (Near infrared)

o Hyperspec

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