Contact Science Integrates Sales Prospecting and Appointment Tools with ConnectWise

TAMPA, Fla. and GERMANTOWN, Tenn. – ConnectWise, developer of the leading service management software designed exclusively for IT service providers, VARS, ISVs and MSPs, announced today that Contact Science has completed integration of its Klpz telephone prospecting and sales tools with ConnectWise.

Setting initial appointments with prospective clients is key in building a potential revenue stream. The latest Klpz integration enables sales professionals to set more initial appointments in less time, and design, implement and manage a comprehensive, sustainable, metrics-based telephone prospecting program.

With this integration, Klpz now interfaces with ConnectWise to facilitate the movement of prospect data. Leads flow directly into Klpz to be contacted by a partner's sales team. Qualified contacts are then synched into ConnectWise, and the sales process continues. Combined, the two systems improve the flow of prospects into the sales pipeline, improve organization and efficiency, and enable sales departments to manage hundreds of leads and targets simultaneously.

"Successful managed service businesses require a consistent feeding of the sales pipeline, and we believe the number one problem they face is getting that initial appointment with prospective customers," said Bob Howard, Founder at Contact Science. "Together Klpz and ConnectWise offer fast and easy navigation through a pre-defined set of steps that represent best practices for setting initial appointments, and capturing prospecting metrics to accurately measure performance to hold the sales team accountable, plus a smooth transition from prospect management to client account management."

"Few companies automate the time-consuming process of telephone prospecting because, until now, there hasn't been a comprehensive solution to do so," said Jeannine Edwards, Director, ConnectWise Community. "ConnectWise partners who use Klpz with ConnectWise should see an increase in efficient sales prospecting and improved performance at setting those initial meetings that lead to new customers."

Contact Science is offering ConnectWise partners a web-based course on how to design, implement and manage an effective telephone prospecting programs for your specific market niche. For more information, visit

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