Consistent Marking with Auto-Sensing Z-Axis

SIC Marking USA offers the e8c151z - a bench model dot peen marking system to mark all types of materials - plastic to hardened steel (up to 62 Hrc). The marking head contains an integrated auto-sensor, which locates the part and accurately positions the stylus at a constant and perfect distance to mark. The digitally controlled Z axis allows marking several levels on parts. Simplified mechanical adjustments and programming make it easy to use. This machine has been specifically designed for the aerospace industry, and is now widely used in many other industries.

The e8c151za system includes a solenoid actuated stylus and a large 160 x 100 mm marking window. The cast-iron base and its worm gear and rail guidance system make it a sturdy and reliable machine for industrial use.

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Laurie Barcaskey

Sales & Marketing Manager


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