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Connect Motors Quickly and Easily

Press release date: Aug 24, 2017

MIDDLETOWN, Pa. - Phoenix Contact's four-level terminal blocks make motor connection easy. The space-saving terminal blocks use Push-in connection technology (PT) for nominal cross sections up to 10 AWG, 28 A, and 600 V UL.

Every level has a function shaft for easy potential distribution, reducing wiring costs. A large-surface marking option clearly identifies every motor connection. Each terminal point can be marked and is equipped with an easily accessible test opening.

The PT technology requires 50 percent less insertion force than other connectors, so the user can insert solid and stranded conductors with ferrules and cross sections from 24-10 AWG without tools. The orange-colored button indicates the actuating element and prevents the terminal from being activated accidentally. The terminals can connect stranded conductors from 24 AWG without ferrules.

The motor terminals are part of the CLIPLINE complete modular terminal block system. The system includes identical bridging, marking, and testing accessories across all termination technologies, minimizing inventory costs.

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