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Composition Materials Co., Inc. - Milford, CT

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Composition Materials Co., Inc. Has Installed a 97,000 kwh Solar Power System for Their 17,000 sq ft Plant in Milford, CT

Press release date: Jan 30, 2014

Solar Powering a Green Business - a green business for 90 years, installing a 97,000 KWH solar power generation system was a perfect fit for Composition Materials Co., Inc.. The company recently turned their system on and began generating solar power in late December, 2013.

Green for 90 Years - Since 1923, Composition Materials Co., Inc. has been an industry leader in inventing and supplying products from agricultural and industrial byproducts. Their over 100 products include crushed Walnut Shells, ground Plastic Grits, ground Corn Cobs, Apricot Pit Shell and Wood Flours. These unique grits are used for environmentally-friendly paint removal, abrasive non-skid coatings, media blasting, pet litters, soil remediation and cosmetics ingredients.

About Composition Materials Co., Inc. - headquartered in Milford, CT and a leading supplier of renewable and recycled agricultural and industrial products for over 90 years. Pioneers of Walnut Shell Blasting with the US Navy in refurbishing submarines, their innovative environmentally friendly products have been used on Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn Bridge restoration projects, and are in use across industries for non-toxic paint and coating removal from cars, trucks, airplanes, buses and subway cars. For information: