Colfax Develops MistLock(TM) Bearing and Lubrication Cartridge for Power Plant, Refinery and Petrochemical Cooling Fans

Bearing seals oil, excludes contaminants to dramatically reduce maintenance and improve performance

RICHMOND, VA - Colfax Corporation (NYSE: CFX), a global leader in fluid-handling solutions for critical applications, announced its Lubrication Systems Company (LSC) business has developed a MistLock(TM) bearing and lubrication cartridge for Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers (ACHEs) used in refineries, power plants and petrochemical plants. ACHEs use fast-rotating fans to remove heat from process fluids and transfer it to the surrounding air.

"ACHEs have typically used grease to lubricate the bearings on the shaft that drives cooling fans," said Jim Thibodeaux, vice president of sales and marketing at LSC. "But grease has several disadvantages. It can degrade at high temperatures, trap contaminants and not distribute properly on the surfaces that need it. The result can be failure of the shaft bearing system, requiring production downtime and costs for maintenance."

MistLock overcomes the disadvantages of grease by supplying a clean, cool and continuous oil mist that evenly coats surfaces. Positive pressure in the cartridge prevents entry of external contaminants that could otherwise cause abrasive failure.

Additionally, the MistLock bearing cartridge is designed to accommodate up to 20 degrees of axial and parallel misalignment of the shaft, which eliminates the need for shims. The bearing assembly is designed to allow axial thermal expansion of the shaft without restricting rotation.

MistLock has shown a significant increase in the median time between repairs compared to grease. "The average life of a grease bearing is about 2.5 years compared to our tests showing MistLock bearing life to be nearly 10 years," said Thibodeaux

LSC has installed MistLock units in three separate refineries located throughout North America. These units have been installed for eight months with evaluation showing little or no signs of wear, vibration or product degradation. LSC also plans to install a sealed motor capable of accepting Oil Mist this spring. This product combination, MistLock plus sealed motor, will enhance the MistLock product offering.

The MistLock products are manufactured in LSC's Houston, Texas, manufacturing location.

ABOUT COLFAX CORPORATIONColfax Corporation is a global leader in critical fluid-handling products and technologies. Through its global operating subsidiaries, Colfax manufactures positive displacement industrial pumps and valves used in oil & gas, power generation, commercial marine, defense and general industrial markets. Colfax's operating subsidiaries supply products under the well-known brands Allweiler, Baric, Fairmount Automation, Houttuin, Imo, LSC, Portland Valve, Tushaco, Warren and Zenith. Colfax is traded on the NYSE under the ticker "CFX." Additional information about Colfax is available at

ABOUT LUBRICATION SYSTEMS COMPANY (LSC) Lubrication Systems Company (LSC) is a worldwide leader in lubrication-related solutions that improve equipment reliability and reduce operating costs. Located in Houston, Texas, LSC delivers two proprietary, patented technologies: LUBRIMIST® Oil Mist, a centralized lubrication system; and THERMOJET® Oil Purifier, an online oil-purification system.


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