Cole-Parmer is Now Antylia Scientific™

We are excited to announce that Cole-Parmer is now Antylia ScientificTM. Our business evolved from a scientific instruments company to an organization that provides mission critical products and services to you, our customers, in your quest to discover and manufacture new therapeutics, vaccines and both human & environmental diagnostic tests.

Introducing Antylia Scientific - For the science of real life

Our industry-leading solutions include: peristaltic and single use bioprocessing solutions through our Masterflex brand; reference standards and controls through our ZeptoMetrix and Spex brands; biological sample monitoring, storage and control through our Traceable brand; single use consumables for environmental testing through our Environmental Express brand; and lab supplies through our Cole Parmer essentials brand.

Interconnected pumps, tubes, and sensors for precise fluid transfer applications in BiopharmaInfectious Disease Diagnostics, specializing in molecular testing technologies - from R&D to launchSolutions for life science workflows, enabling scientists to collect, prepare, calibrate & analyze samplesReal-time monitoring solutions for biological material storage including cold chain with end-to-end traceabilityProviding a full range of essential equipment & consumables for everyday lab needsSampling, preparation & analysis products for the regulated compliance testing of environmental cycles

While our name has changed from Cole-Parmer to Antylia Scientific, the ways we work with customers, suppliers and partners has not. Answers to some questions you may have about what the change from Cole-Parmer to Antylia Scientific means to you, our partner:

Q – How does the change from Cole-Parmer to Antylia Scientific help me?
Antylia Scientific has grown through the development and acquisition of innovative products, capabilities and brands.

We believe the combination of our expanded product portfolio, product research and development capabilities and our continued commitment to service excellence provides our customers and partners with the solutions and service required to meet your increasing need for consistency, repeatability, accuracy and compliance of your processes, products and customers.

Q – Will my interactions and contacts with Antylia Scientific change?
No, you can interact with the Antylia Scientific team just as you did when we were Cole-Parmer. You can continue to work with the same team members and access the same support services you did before.

Q – Will I now request quotes, issue purchase orders and make payments to Antylia Scientific or can I continue to use Cole-Parmer?
No changes are required to your quote, order or payment processes. You can continue to submit quote requests, purchase orders or payments using the same processes and contacts before the name change.

Over time, we will make changes to contracts and agreements that may require changes to these processes. We will provide detailed timelines, information, requirements and support when these changes are planned.

Q – Who should I call for orders, service or technical support?
No changes. You can continue to call your salesperson, service teams, support reps as you did before the change from Cole-Parmer to Antylia Scientific. The same numbers, team members and websites with the same excellent service!

Q – Will this change impact any of the regulated products I purchased from Cole-Parmer?
No, changing our name from Cole-Parmer to Antylia Scientific will have no impact on the compliance or certification of the products purchased from Cole-Parmer. All certification and compliance documents remain valid.

Q – Can I still research and purchase products on
Yes. You can continue to call your salesperson, service teams, support rep as you did previously. The same numbers, team members and websites with the same excellent service!

We understand that you may have more questions about this exciting change and what it means to you. Please reach out to your salesperson, service or tech support contact directly or call us at 800.323.4340.

At Antylia Scientific, we believe that the science can’t wait. We look forward to continuing to earn your partnership and your business.


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