Cloupia Continues to Strengthen Converged Infrastructure Orchestration Offerings with New Solution Announcements

Customers gain flexibility, affordability and efficiency with expanded multi-vendor support

SANTA CLARA, Calif - Cloupia, a leading data center orchestration and cloud management software provider, today announced expanded converged infrastructure management offerings to help enterprises and service providers transition to next generation dynamic data centers. Cloupia's announcement is a major advancement in converged infrastructure management and orchestration. These new offerings will enable enterprises and service providers to easily transition to clouds with one integrated and comprehensive data center management platform across the entire IT stack -- physical, virtual, cloud and converged infrastructure.

"Organizations are looking for flexible and integrated data center management platform to rapidly deploy converged infrastructure based solutions on demand," said Raju Datla, CEO of Cloupia. "Cloupia unified converged infrastructure management offerings will accelerate the enterprise data center transformation towards fabric-based data centers with the necessary automation capabilities. As a leading converged infrastructure management provider, we will continue to work closely with major infrastructure vendors to provide our customers with best-in-class unified data center orchestration solutions."

Cloupia Product Enhancements and Updates:

Cloupia Unified Infrastructure Controller (CUIC): Cloupia flagship product, Cloupia Unified Infrastructure Controller (CUIC), is the first fully featured unified and integrated data center management platform that provides an end-to-end cloud and data center management solution. CUIC now manages and automates virtual server infrastructure, VDI, physical infrastructure, public clouds and converged infrastructure via a single pane of glass. The latest CUIC V3.0 release key capabilities include Secure Cloud Containers, VDI automation - Citrix Xen Desktop Support, Virtual Console support, and Multi-vendor support.

CloudIgnite: CloudIgnite provides fully automated day zero deployments to configure and provision converged infrastructure with consistency, accuracy and speed. This tool is designed and targeted for partners and resellers to drastically reduce the typical Converged Infrastructure deployment times. CloudIgnite enables partners to validate the deployment against validated design without requiring deep technical skills. This tool helps partners to keep track of customer Converged Infrastructure deployments for easy support since these configurations vary from one customer to other.

CloudGenie: CloudGenie(TM) is the industry-first mobile application for IT admins for datacenter management.

CloudGenie now supports both iPad and Android platforms.

CloudGenie V1.1 release features enhanced reporting and analytics along with self-service catalog and provisioning capabilities.

Enhanced Multi-Vendor Support: Cloupia unifies compute, storage, network and virtualization management into a single cohesive and complete cloud management system. Cloupia announces enhanced multi-vendor support in CUIC release V3.0 that includes: Compute - Cisco, HP and Dell platforms; Storage - NetApp 7-mode, C-Mode and EMC VNX platforms; Network - Cisco and Brocade platforms; VDI - Citrix Xen Desktop; Virtualization - VMware, Microsoft and Redhat and Other key capabilities -- Power shell and IPMI 2.0 support. Cloupia will be supporting other vendors in coming months and inquiries can be made to for more roadmap details.

Cloupia Converged Infrastructure (CI) Management and Orchestration Solutions: Cloupia offers a complete end-to-end converged infrastructure management and orchestration solution suite. Cloupia added new Converged Infrastructure solution bundles targeted exclusively to address management and orchestration of evolving converged infrastructure such as FlexPod, Entry Level FlexPod and VSPEX. Customers have flexibility to upgrade to advanced solution bundles encompassing both converged infrastructure and cloud management and orchestration capabilities.

FlexPod Solutions: Cloupia is the market leader of end-to-end FlexPod management and automation solutions. Cloupia is the first validated FlexPod management solution by NetApp and Cisco. The Cisco and NetApp FlexPod is a pre-tested shared infrastructure that combines Cisco networking, computing and NetApp storage to help channel partners accelerate and simplify their customers' transition to the cloud. Cloupia customers and partners span across Americas, EMEA & APAC regions and has an active and growing ecosystem of partners around the world. Cloupia now supports Entry Level FlexPod architecture and configurations. Cloupia customers can leverage unified Cloupia solution to manage and orchestrate FlexPod and Entry Level FlexPod from a single pane of glass.

VSPEX Solutions: Cloupia now supports EMC VNXe/VNX storage systems and announces unified VSPEX management and orchestration solution. With recently added EMC and Brocade support, Cloupia now supports multiple VSPEX configurations announced by EMC. Cloupia will be demonstrating unified VSPEX management and orchestration capabilities at Cisco Live. Cloupia will expand support to EMC VMAX storage platform and other VSPEX configurations in the third quarter of 2012.

Other Converged Infrastructure Solutions: Cloupia's vision is to provide unified automation platform for evolving needs of dynamic data centers with heterogeneous platforms. Cloupia continues to support multiple vendors in both virtual and physical domains and provide unified management and orchestration for other evolving converged infrastructures.

Pricing and Availability:

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About Cloupia

Cloupia is a datacenter orchestration and cloud management software provider. Cloupia provides turnkey and comprehensive solution with infrastructure control, provisioning, management and monitoring capabilities across physical, virtual and cloud environments. Cloupia customers can build their own internal private clouds or public service provider clouds as well as manage hybrid clouds using a single pane of glass. Cloupia is headquartered in Santa Clara, California. For more information, visit

Supporting Quotes:

"The converged infrastructure solutions based on pre-validated and pre-tested reference architecture accelerate the transformation to clouds. Converged infrastructure has been rapidly gaining traction because of its significant benefits such as simplifying and shortening the procurement process, hardware standardization for efficiencies, and significant savings on operating costs.
Converged infrastructure have to be paired with advanced management and orchestration to fully realize the potential benefits and operational advantage. Organizations that have chosen FlexPod as their converged infrastructure are very attracted to Cloupia. Cloupia solution's streamlined simplicity and model-based orchestration capabilities are very impressive. We are also excited to see the expanded support for Vblock and VSPEX."

- Scott Miller, Director of Cloud, Virtualization & the ATC, World Wide Technology Inc

"One of the most exciting developments in IT is the transformation of the Datacenter. Driven by business requirements and cost pressures, today's Datacenter has to not only be fast and flexible, but also enable the IT specialists to focus on new projects and functions. Virtualization of the infrastructure is the fundamental step we have taken with our customers over the last years. With Cloupia we are able to take the next step by having a common tool to orchestrate all the infrastructure resources to optimize their usage. A key part of the Cloupia solution is the ability to automate the virtual and physical infrastructure for a more efficient IT operation and enable IT to respond fast to changing business needs."

- Per Sedihn, CTO, Proact IT Group - Europe's largest storage integrator, Sweden

"Cloupia is also easy to get up and running. I want a tool that will allow operators to manage multiple data centers holistically, through a single tool, and deploy infrastructure in a repeatable fashion. Cloupia is a FlexPod-validated product and that made it easy for us to deploy, provision and immediately benefit from the ITaaS capabilities the product has to offer. The Dashboards and Reporting metrics provide the essential "heads-up display" for us at Walz because they display real-time, hourly, daily, weekly, etc. resource utilization trending of our self-provisioned IT resources. Cloupia is a single-pane-of-glass solution that enabled us to deliver ITaaS by enabling unified management and automation of both physical compute, network and storage along with virtual infrastructure of the FlexPod stack."

- Bart Falzarano, Chief Information Security Officer, Walz Group

"Entel is the leading provider of enterprise grade custom cloud solutions for small and medium business. Cloupia has enabled us to increase our capabilities and improve our service offerings with a comprehensive cloud management solution. Their self-service portal, service catalog, and policy driven automated provisioning provides customers the control and visibility of their cloud services. The deployment of Cloupia's CUIC product was painless and our Operations Team were able to put the box pre-integrated solution into full service within days. We are very impressed with Cloupia's product roadmap and are working together to better serve the South America marketplace."

- Pablo Lambert, IT Advanced Development and Innovations Group, Entel, Chile

"SAN Systems, a specialist data storage and management business unit of Distribution Central, will distribute Cloupia's core product offerings -- Unified Infrastructure Controller, CloudGenie and CloudIgnite -- to the Australian, New Zealand and Singapore markets.

"With Cloupia's partnership, our partners can offer their customers fully automated data center infrastructure operations and improve resource utilization significantly.
The integrated solution offers self-service management and provisioning of the entire FlexPod stack. Cloupia is therefore a complementary addition to our vendor portfolio, building on our commitment to deliver innovative, best-in-class technology. Cloupia's partnership with NetApp in particular creates greater customer development opportunities for our partners."

- Nick Verykios, Managing Director, Distribution Central, Australia

"Cloud and Converged Infrastructures are major IT trends driving the data center transformation. Cloupia is one of the innovative companies accelerating this transformation with its comprehensive data center and cloud orchestration capabilities. Cloupia FlexPod orchestration solutions demonstrate their expertise in converged infrastructure management in compliance with validated designs and best practices. They truly enable and empower partners and customers in their data center transformation journey with the necessary data center management and automation tools."

- Chris Palmer, Managing Director, SCCS, Australia

"At ESi, we see Cloupia as a predominant partner within our Cloud builder Ecosystem. ESi and Cloupia together can improve business and operational challenges for our clients in Canada. In the past six months, our teams in Montreal, Quebec City and Toronto have experienced an increased adoption of 'FlexPod' architectures. With this increased focus on converged technology, we have been evaluating Orchestration software suites in the marketplace and our team selected Cloupia for its best of breed product and the full suite of capabilities they offer."

--Nicholas Laine, Director Architecture and Technologies, ESI Technologies, Canada

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