Class 100 Cleanroom Capabilities

Pure-Stat Engineered Technologies has increased its cleanroom capabilities by adding additional conversion equipment into our Class 100 certified cleanroom. This means we can accommodate more and more of our customers’ requests for custom and stock cleanroom bags, films and laminates.

We still have our soft wall class 100 cleanrooms, however by adding additional equipment to our class 100 hard wall cleanroom we double our capacity in a cleanroom that is monitored daily. We established our cleanroom to service the wafer industry, with our various films that are used for wafer separator films, such as our clean BlacStat™ and RIBS Media films, as well as supplying the aerospace industry with unique and proprietary films and bags. Our Aerospace films include such products as our Static Intercept® (combining permanent ESD protection with long term, contamination free corrosion protection), ATFR (which combines long term ESD protection with V0 flame retardant) and our AT-Cleanroom (long term anti-static film) – all three films can be made to class 100A levels.

Our Class 100 Cleanroom Aerospace films also include RIBS MVTR, which combines permanent shielding, permanent ESD protection, long term corrosion protection, mold and mildew protection, odor absorption and long term, non-contaminating corrosion protection. Additionally we provide other Class 100 cleanroom films and bags made from plain and ESD poly, PureStat™, shielding and barrier structures.

Recent trends in faster, smaller, more compact electronics drives the increasing demand for extremely clean films and bags with a variety of properties. We have reacted to those trends to increase our manufacturing capabilities and our product offerings to serve our customers’ needs.

We have the tools and the knowhow to design, extrude, and convert antistatic and plastic packaging that stands up to the demands placed on it, no matter our customer’s needs. Additionally, our cleanroom gets tested and recertified regularly and we are more than ready to utilize our tested capabilities to their fullest potential to serve you.

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