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Circuit Breaker Configuration for IIS-375 and IIS-550 Models

Beginning January 2016, IOTA introduced a new circuit breaker wiring configuration for IIS 375W and 550W inverter models. The new wiring configuration adds an additional level of protection to the inverter from the line side of the inverter circuit, and requires that the desired output voltage (120 or 277 VAC) be selected and wired on the supply side of the inverter. A single 'hot' output lead from the circuit breaker is then connected the inverter load. On prior IIS designs, the output voltage lead was selected on the load side of the inverter.

The function of the circuit breaker is to protect the IIS inverter from damage caused by overload or shorting of the load circuit. While the function of the circuit breaker has not changed, the required wiring connections will differ based on which version of the IIS Series Inverter you are using. The simplest way to confirm the proper circuit breaker wiring for your particular IIS model is to reference the wiring diagram attached to the interior panelof the IIS inverter. Units that require supply-side circuit breaker connections will indicate the required wiring on the diagram. For further questions or additional support, contact IOTA Technical Services at 1-855-363-9527.

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