Chemical Injection Technologies, Inc. Pioneers Ruggedized Concept

FORT PIERCE, Florida/September 2, 2005 - Chemical Injection Technologies, Inc. has pioneered the "Ruggedized is better" concept. Ruggedized products are better because they are sturdy, rugged, and long-lasting. Chemical Injection Technologies, Inc.'s SUPERIOR(TM)-brand of chlorinators, ammoniators and sulfonators are a quantum leap ahead of their competitors.

"We use the most modern design technology, coupled with SUPERIOR(TM) materials which are the very best available, to create an outstanding, easy to operate piece of equipment," says Howard Specker, President, Chemical Injection Technologies, Inc. "Our products have been designed and patented with SUPERIOR(TM) safety in mind."

For example, SUPERIOR(TM) Gas Chlorinators and SUPERIOR(TM) Gas Ammoniators extensively use Fluorplastics and fiberglass-reinforced thermo-plastics to withstand corrosive effects of chlorine, as well as to withstand attack by sulfur dioxide in any form. All external bolts and nuts are Titanium for ultimate corrosion resistance, a SUPERIOR(TM) exclusive. "This all adds up to create products that have SUPERIOR(TM) strength and longevity," says Specker.

Since 1992, Chemical Injection Technologies has been setting the standard for excellence supplying technologically advanced SUPERIOR-brand Gas Chlorinators, Sulfonators and Ammoniators designed for the water and wastewater treatment needs. SUPERIOR products are safer, economical, and user friendly. Recognized as a world leader in water and wastewater treatment and an ISO certified company, Chemical
Injection Technologies, Inc. is located at 4796 S. U.S. Highway 1, Fort Pierce, FL 34982; 772-461-0666; fax: 772-460-1847. You can e-mail the company at, or visit their website at

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