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ChemCeed Adds Additional Fatty Acid Capabilities

Press release date: Sep 12, 2017

CHIPPEWA FALLS, Wisconsin – September 12, 2017 - ChemCeed would like to announce its partnership with a new manufacturer of fatty acid products. With the manufacturing facility located in the mid-western United States, these fatty acid products will complement ChemCeed’s existing fatty acid product line and strengthen the depth of supply chain.

The new additions to the product line will include both plant and animal based fatty acids, glycerin, oils, and waxes. In particular, the line includes various cuts of stearic acid intended for use in industrial applications such as rubber or lubricants.

For more information or product specifications, visit the product information page on our website: Stearic Acid Product Specifications:

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ChemCeed LLC is a woman-owned, minority-owned chemical and raw material supply company headquartered in Chippewa Falls, WI with a worldwide distribution network. ChemCeed offers a reliable supply of quality chemicals from stocking points throughout the country, and focuses on building strong relationships with its customers through excellent personal customer service and uniquely tailored solutions that ensure customer satisfaction.

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