CHEM LINK, the Idea Company

SAN FRANCISCO - What is an Idea Company you may ask? We invite you to stop by booth # 9351 for a visit to see for yourself, and to check out the E-CURB Penetration Seal for solar installations. The lifeblood of CHEM LINK, a privately owned manufacturer based in southwest Michigan, is constant adaptation to our changing world with the end goal of finding new, better and safer ways to do what we are doing, for our partners in building and building renovation, our employees and our planetary home.

That process involves constant research and development, constant dialogue with building and construction people, awareness of changing conditions on many fronts - and a dedication to excellence and integrity on all levels. We seek new perspectives and embrace change as a requirement for survival and growth.

The company was founded 21 years ago with a core dedication to making the best - and the safest - possible adhesives and sealants and architectural accessories for construction professionals. It could be said that was the core idea out of which many subsequent ideas would come. Since quality and safety are ever evolving ideas, new ideas are an integral part of our culture. The end result of many of those ideas was new products to solve old problems, such as penetration seals, initially for various types of roof penetrations, and later evolving to meet new demands for solar installations, and electronic and biomedical cleanrooms. We developed solvent-free polyether sealants and adhesives for recreation vehicles and the transportation industry, for waterproofing, roofing, flooring, windows and doors, and tiles, for Kynar 500®-compatible sealants for metal architecture, specialized mod bit and EPDM membrane adhesive, and much more.

CHEM LINK early on dedicated its lab, its facilities and its future to producing construction and industrial adhesives and sealants with a little used technology that would deliver superior performance and complete safety. Polyether-based (not solvent- or water-based) products would contain no solvents, no hazardous VOC's or any other hazardous substances to complicate or compromise the lives of users, shippers or building inhabitants. That early leap of faith, predating the "green movement," has been justified as we are now the largest and most diverse producer of polyether sealants and adhesives in North America with an ultramodern laboratory and facilities, all dedicated to innovation, invention and problem-solving, underwritten by the constant flow of Ideas. 800/826-1681 x 202



CONTACT: Gail Nelson, Market Support, Chem Link Products LLC, Schoolcraft, Mich.,, +1-800-826-1681 x 202

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