Ceramic Technology, Inc. is Pleased to Announce the Registration of their Trademark "CTI-X7 Ceramic Process Equipment"

Cedar Bluff, VA – Ceramic Technology, Inc. is pleased to announce the registration of their trademark “CTI-X7 Ceramic Process Equipment". The registration of the trademark is a culmination of thirty years of ceramic application procedures.

Originally used in commerce in March 2013, “CTI-X7 Ceramic Process Equipment” is the application of Ceramic Technology, Inc.’s innovative standards and designs. CTI is proud to offer manufacturing procedures to meet demanding delivery schedules for coal and coal fired capital expansion needs of coal and mineral mining industries. CTI-X7 Ceramic Process Equipment is an investment that offers a 20:1 improvement in life expectancy and return on investment. Large returns such as these are common in all applications of high impact and wear abrasion. Ceramic Technology, Inc. focuses on superior performance solutions as to abrasion and wear replacement.

For more information on CTI please contact Lee Osborne, President, at lee@ceramictech.com, Sam Sanders, Vice President, at ssanders@ceramictech.com or visit www.ceramictech.com.  

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