CEO of American Crane, Karen Norheim, Revitalizes Exquisite Modern-Day Fairy Tale Written by Her Uncle

Honoring a cherished life with a wholesome tale of self-discovery, full of lessons for all ages.

Douglassville, Pennsylvania (PRWEB) September 07, 2022 -- When a young boy named Woodsprout comes of age, his father gifts him a treasure: an intricately handcrafted book bound in fine red leather with the instruction that he fill up the pages with his life’s story. The ensuing journey has ‘Sprout’ on a quest for words, knowledge, and adventure. Sprout, by Richard Gleason, is a reflective and illuminating fairy tale novel of wisdom and purpose for middle-grade readers, now on available on Amazon.

A few years ago, around Christmas, Karen stumbled across the book that her uncle wrote and began to reminisce on when she was younger and had dreams of being just like sprout-filling her own journal with adventures and knowledge from exploring our wonderous world. Not only did a smile grace her face, but she realized how timeless and valuable the lessons of the book are. From that moment, Karen, with help from family and friends, came together to modernize the adventures of Sprout to honor her uncle, Richard Gleason, after they lost him to the throes of mental illness.

“This book is a celebration of a clever and witty-minded author, a loving and caring father, and a wise and inspiring uncle. I can imagine my uncle Richard sitting in his chair puffing on a pipe, thinking of us, his family, and our efforts to republish his book, saying, ‘COOLBEANS! Well done, well done!’” – Karen Norheim

A masterful and fascinating fairy tale of truth, knowledge, and goodness, Sprout serves complex and philosophical lessons of life in a beautifully written story. With a descriptive and visual style and full of insightful allegory and symbolism, author Richard Gleason expertly weaves a timeless tale that is a classic in the making. With Karen’s guidance and the assistance of family and friends, the late Gleason’s family have refined and relaunched this contemplative literary work, after its original publication thirty-five years ago, to bring the intellectual and compassionate story to new readers everywhere. Part of the proceeds will be donated to suicide awareness. For more information visit

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