Centrisys/CNP Announces Exclusive U.S. Distributorship for the Passavant® Hydrograv® Adapt System

Centrisys/CNP (Kenosha, WI), a leader in decanter centrifuge technology and systems for nutrient recovery and sludge optimization, has announced their exclusive distributorship for the Passavant hydrograv adapt System in North America (U.S. patent pending).

Unlike fixed inlet structures for secondary clarifiers, the Passavant hydrograv adapt System consistently and continuously adjusts to current loading in a clarifier. If the loads are low, the hydrograv adapt automatically shifts the inlet elevation and opening height to a low position, introducing the mixed liquor below the sludge blanket. As the loads increase, the hydrograv adapt system shifts itself to a higher elevation and opening height, ensuring ideal hydraulic conditions for the operation of the secondary clarifiers and avoiding sludge overflow.

Benefits of the Passavant hydrograv adapt System include improved process stability of secondary clarification, a reduction of effluent suspended solids to usually less than 3 mg/L, improved particulate phosphorus removal, improved clarification capacity from hydraulic optimization and overall low maintenance requirements.

At WEFTEC 2018, Dr. Martin Armbruster, the Managing Director and founder of hydrograv GmbH and the inventor of the hydrograv adapt system, will co-present on the topic of “Stress Testing of a Secondary Clarifier with an Adaptive Inlet Structure.” His expertise in the field of clarifier CFD simulation includes optimization and practical engineering for more than 1,000 clarifiers in 200+ treatment plants worldwide. His experience in improving hydraulic efficiency of water management systems is based on 500+ hydrograv® with CFD simulations installations. The seminar will take place on Wednesday, October 3 at 1:50 p.m. in room 239.

If you are unable to attend the seminar on October 3, Centrisys/CNP (booth #4921) will hold an in-booth discussion with Dr. Armbruster on Tuesday, October 2 at 2 p.m.

Centrisys Corporation is a U.S.A. manufacturer of dewatering centrifuges, sludge thickeners and complete dewatering systems for municipal and industrial wastewater. The company’s focus is centrifuge equipment, including the award winning THK sludge thickener. Centrisys provides global service, repair and parts for all brands of centrifuges. CNP - Technology Water and Biosolids designs and supplies nutrient recovery and biosolids treatment optimization systems. CNP’s key technologies are: AirPrex® and CalPrex™, phosphorus recovery technologies, and PONDUS™, a Thermo-Chemical Hydrolysis Process (TCHP). CNP is a division of Centrisys Corporation.

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