CeMAT 2014: Combining Traceability and Counterfeit Protection Based on SECUDATA

3S at the world's leading trade fair for intralogistics

Nottuln, Germany – "Legally binding counterfeit protection for the intralogistics sector" - under this motto 3S Simons Security Systems GmbH will be showcasing its current product portfolio at CeMAT 2014. The focus will be on the industry solution SECUDATA® which allows users to combine traceability of goods and counterfeit protection. Further highlights presented by 3S will include legally binding documentation using SECUDOC®, the protection of primary and secondary packaging with SECUPACK® and direct product protection based on SECUPRODUCT®. From 19 to 23 May, the full-service provider 3S Simons Security Systems will be presenting its wide range of product protection systems at CeMAT in Hanover, at the special show "Innovative Logistics Solutions" in hall 27, stand C45/2.

Anti-counterfeiting technology by 3S: Fast integration, moderate cost

3S security solutions can be meticulously and precisely applied onto nearly all solid matters, among which metals, synthetics, paper products, glass, alloys and textile fabrics. Due to the fact that only a standard pen microscope with 100x magnification is required, it is not necessary to set up a laboratory for analysis. This means costly investments in skilled labour and technical equipment as well as time-consuming verification procedures are no longer required. Moreover, 3S anti-counterfeiting technology can swiftly be integrated into all production and logistics processes - without complex changes being necessary. Such a protection strategy will not only reduce control costs along the supply chain, but it will also strengthen the corporate image of logistics and packaging service providers because the system can be communicated to the public. Companies using 3S industry solutions for product protection can also benefit from a good selling point: Their customers can buy the company's product safe in the knowledge that it is the original.

SECUDATA®: Traceability must be counterfeit-proof

Another major exhibition focus will be on the combination of traceability and counterfeit protection. The industry solution SECUDATA® combines the logistic advantages of traceability systems (e.g. data matrix and RFID) and counterfeit protection by means of micro colour codes. Both codes are conjointly applied onto the product, its primary or secondary packaging, labels and closures. Thanks to the micro colour code both the traceability code and the product are protected against counterfeiting in a manner that cannot be legally contested. First, the traceability code is checked in databases; ultimate security is guaranteed by verification on the basis of the micro colour code. This way, SECUDATA® ensures seamless security along the entire supply chain, from suppliers via those involved in production, all the way to the retailers and end-customers.

SECUDOC®: Legally binding documentation

The industry solution SECUDOC® by 3S enables forgery-proof documentation of entire distribution channels. Transport documents, such as delivery notes, shipping documents and papers for customs or other authorities are unambiguously identifiable as originals and can be attributed to a distinct delivery. Certificates, reports and security papers, contracts, plans, signatures and business letters as well as credit cards and ID cards can also be protected through the use of SECUDOC®. The colour code is admixed to the transfer medium clear lacquer and can be easily printed or applied manually to the surface of the documents to be secured. SECUDOC® thus contributes its share to the prevention of document forgery and abuse.

SECUPACK®: Counterfeit-proof packaging from all domains

With SECUPACK® 3S has developed an industry solution offering legally binding counterfeit protection for primary and secondary packaging from all industries. Folded boxes, blisters, tubes and cans made of different materials are secured with SECUPACK® allowing them to be unambiguously identified as originals. The colour codes are applied onto the materials by different printing methods, directly added to the products or applied by means of a dispenser. Complex changes to the manufacturing process are not required when applying the codes by means of a dispenser. Their application can be combined with production and supply processes, for example in blister packaging lines, in an easy and affordable way.

SECUPRODUCT®: Immediate protection against product piracy

With SECUPRODUCT®, 3S has developed a technology which ensures immediate protection of all kinds of products across all industries. From amplifiers to zips, SECUPRODUCT® enables the direct and legally binding labelling of originals. It can be meticulously and precisely applied onto nearly all solid matters, among which metals, synthetics, paper products, glass, alloys and textile fabrics. The consistency of the micro colour-codes enables an easy implementation into all production processes. For smaller productions or single pieces, the application can occur manually; for large serial productions, the colour codes are integrated fully automatically into the existing manufacturing process.

3S Simons Security Systems GmbH

3S Simons Security Systems GmbH is an internationally renowned manufacturer of labelling systems for legally binding counterfeit protection. On the basis of the world's smallest micro colour codes SECUTAG®, 3S has developed several industry solutions against product piracy. They allow users to secure products, spare parts and accessories, tools, drugs, cosmetics, textile and sporting goods, lifestyle articles, art objects, primary and secondary packaging, quality and closure seals, pallets, documents, certificates and ERP data, among others. Moreover, 3S security solutions can be combined with traceability systems (e.g. data matrix, RFID) so that the entire production and supply chain is seamlessly protected against counterfeiting.

For more information about legally binding counterfeit protection, visit www.secutag.com

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