Castell Demonstrates How To Prevent Unscheduled Truck Departure At NA 2006

(Erlanger, KY) - Industrial-safety specialist Castell Interlocks Inc will be showing its innovative new product Salvo, a system designed to prevent unscheduled truck departure from warehouse loading docks, at NA 2006.

Developed in conjunction with leading European logistics company Christian Salvesen, Salvo works by establishing a procedural link between the trailer and the dock door, forcing the driver to lock out the trailer prior to the door being opened. If the trailer is not locked out, loading cannot begin.

An Automatic Salvo unit will be displayed on Castell's booth, along with a selection of the company's interlocking systems for machine guarding.

Castell will also be clarifying new OSHA and FMSCA* guidelines relating to the use of wheel chocks and trailer restraints.

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