CAS DataLoggers Technology Used in New Tsunami Detection System

Intelligent Data Logger is the Brains of Advanced Early Warning Device

CHESTERLAND OH–CAS DataLoggers is proud to announce the release of a jointly-developed Tsunami Detection System incorporating its own dataTaker intelligent datalogging technology. The ARROW Tsunami Detection System is now pending patent and is the result of nearly 2 years of development work by Mooring Systems, Inc. and Down East Instrumentation, LLC. This sophisticated warning system uses a dataTaker Intelligent Environmental Data Logger to employ a proven technique of hydrostatically measuring the height of incoming water columns using a high-resolution pressure sensor and then processing the data to determine if a tsunami wave passes above the sensor. The combined benefits of this system will make it easier to install and maintain tsunami detectors, resulting in a larger network of coverage and warning capability for vulnerable areas.

The ARROW (Autonomous Real-time Reporting of Waves) system was conceived based on the need to address specific concerns with existing buoy-based technologies now used for tsunami detection. This latest warning system incorporates a Series 3 DT82E environmental data logger from CAS DataLoggers to enable it to connect to sensitive pressure sensors and intelligently evaluate this data to watch for waves of large enough height.

The ARROW system uniquely sends the pressure data from sensors on the seabed to the processing electronics in the sub-surface buoy using a hardwired link. This link is also the sub-surface buoy’s mooring cable configured using jacketed wire rope. The signal is carried inductively through the wire rope which provides a robust and direct connection to the processing electronics located 100 meters below the ocean surface. The fast ascent rate of the expendable pop-up buoy allows a quick response time between tsunami detection and satellite transmission.

All parties are very excited about this announcement—they have succeeded in designing an alternative product that will add to the existing global tsunami detection network and provide a solution to the environmental, deployment, and budgetary challenges faced by existing systems.

Down East Instrumentation General Manager Jeffrey Kinder commented: “The central controller for this system is the DT82E. CAS DataLoggers was instrumental in working with us to get the dataTaker to do everything we needed. We're still pushing the limits of it, but it's performing just fine.”

The ARROW system differs from conventional systems as it is fully submerged 100 meters below the ocean surface while in its ready state and throughout its 2 year deployment cycle. When a Tsunami threat is detected, a hydrodynamic shaped pop-up buoy outfitted with an Iridium transmitter is released to the surface at a high-speed ascent rate. Once at the surface, the tsunami threat data is transmitted via satellite to the warning centers.

The advantage of remaining fully submerged is the elimination of exposure to harsh environmental conditions on the ocean surface. Buoy and mooring damage caused by repetitive wave action and extreme weather is eliminated along with vandalism which has proven to be a serious problem in many regions around the world.

Another unique aspect of this system is how the message is delivered from the satellite ground station. It is transmitted in e-mail form to allow the immediate alert message to be forwarded to all warning centers and any addresses designated by the government owning the system.

Interested governments and scientific organizations can contact Mooring Systems, Inc. at [email protected]. Mooring Systems, Inc. 1227 Rte 28A Cataumet, Massachusetts, 02534 USA (

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