CAS DataLoggers Provides Glycol Bottles for Vaccine Storage

As Suggested by New CDC Guidelines for Vaccine Storage

CHESTERLAND OH — New interim guidelines from the CDC request that hospitals and pharmacies storing childrens' vaccines should use a temperature buffer inside their medical fridges and freezers to stabilize probe readings. This recommendation is aimed at preventing the widespread loss of supplies as revealed in a well-publicized study that made national news last year. Now CAS DataLoggers provides your facility with glycol bottles to buffer the probes and prevent erratic temperature readings and false alarms. For real-time viewing and alarm capability, our Accsense temperature data loggers send you automated phone alarms to help protect your valuable vaccines from fridge failures and other unforeseen disasters.

Thermometers are too slow to react to rapid temperature changes or to give you an accurate reading of your medical units' internal condition. You may be surprised at how much your system’s readings actually vary throughout the day. Additionally, frequent door opening and closing can throw off your temperature readings and cause you to miss the real alarms. To compensate, you can stabilize the temperature in your fridge by placing a bottle of ethylene glycol to buffer the probe. This insulates the sensor and prevents temperature spikes which makes the temperature display more closely show your refrigerated product's true temperature.

Our Accsense real-time monitoring systems provide you with real-time data viewable any time online so you and your staff are always in the know. Cutting edge alarm capability notifies you and 10 other contacts the moment that your medical unit temperature fall out of specification--now you'll get a phone call if your fridge fails over the weekend. This feature can easily pay for itself by giving you the chance to save your vaccine supplies before they can spoil and pose a risk to patient health.

Accsense systems are extremely cost-effective for monitoring several medical storage units at once and are popular for their ease of installation and operation. Along with these monitoring devices, CAS DataLoggers also provides high-accuracy RTD probes for your medical monitoring needs. These sensors are short enough to fit into the bottle alongside your vaccine supplies. Accsense data logging systems allow wireless or wired monitoring with the use of internal and external sensors. With the data sent to secure online servers, you can setup sophisticated alarms to monitor the data to send out email, pager or phone notifications whenever an alarm goes off. Using a standard web browser, you can sign in to retrieve reports and graphs or modify the system configuration from anywhere an internet connection is available.

CAS DataLoggers offers you a wide range of temperature dataloggers which connect to several types of thermocouple probes to monitor your healthcare products at high precision. Our experienced Applications Specialists take the work out of your selection process and offer free tech support and value-added services including calibration, installation and more.

Take advantage of our compliance solutions including our Accsense temperature dataloggers, probes and accessories. We have temperature and humidity loggers to meet any facility or business budget. Contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or visit the website at  

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