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CAS DataLoggers Offers Latest Logger Firmware Upgrades Online

Press release date: Nov 07, 2012

For use with MadgeTech Data Loggers

CHESTERLAND OH - CAS DataLoggers has partnered with popular manufacturer MadgeTech to release several recent firmware upgrades which are now available for download from the manufacturer's website at CAS DataLoggers always recommends upgrading to the latest available firmware version of all its products.

Users should download and install these updates for any of the following devices: the Event101A logger, Pulse101A logger, and State101A logger.

CAS DataLoggers offers a wide variety of MadgeTech temperature data loggers. Our models can record temperature and other parameters, feature an LCD display, and also feature the ability to record extreme high and low temperatures.

We also offer voltage data loggers designed to monitor and record time- and datastamped, DC voltage data for further analysis. Several data logger models are available with many ranges to choose from. Each logger features user-defined Engineering Units, making data conversions easy.

MadgeTech's Process data loggers are designed to monitor and record time and date stamped, DC Current data, perfect for use in industrial and process applications.

We also offer a complete line of Pressure data loggers for use in many applications. Most of the MadgeTech pressure data loggers feature rugged, submersible, stainless steel enclosures for use in harsh and underwater environments.

Additionally, shock and vibration data loggers are available in several monitoring ranges. The UltraShock series features additional sensors for temperature, humidity, and pressure data logging.

Specialty dataloggers are also available including the new intrinsically safe temperature and humidity logger for recording in hazardous environments, a wind speed logger for environmental monitoring, and a machine run time logger for equipment monitoring applications.

CAS DataLoggers has the most comprehensive selection of data logging equipment available anywhere. As one of the largest distributors of data loggers in North America, we have hundreds of different models from more than 16 manufacturers to satisfy almost any data recording application. With models from 1 to 300 channels we can record temperature, humidity, force/strain, pressure, as well as voltage, current, digital signals, serial (RS-232/RS-485), CAN/OBD or SDI-12 devices.

Our data loggers are used in a wide variety of applications in remote monitoring, in industrial process and manufacturing industries, for automotive and aerospace data collection, in pharmaceutical manufacturing and storage, and in geological and environmental monitoring. We have even flown units on the Space Shuttle and ISS (International Space Station)!

If you're not sure which logger might be best for your application, speak with one of our applications engineers at 1-800-956-4437 and we can help you select the best device for your project.

For more info on our MadgeTech data loggers which measure temperature, voltage, pressure, and many other signals, or to find the ideal device for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Analyst at (800) 956-4437 or visit the website at

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