CAS DataLoggers Announces New FieldLogger Firmware/Software Updates

CHESTERLAND OH - CAS DataLoggers along with Novus Automation have announced that new FieldLogger firmware (v. 1.20) and configuration software (v. 1.30) releases are now available for free download. Users are recommended to update both firmware and software in order to allow the new versions to work properly. Existing FieldLoggers can also be updated so users don't need to replace their devices to get all the new features. Novus FieldLoggers are versatile data acquisition solutions and SCADA systems offering cost-effective features and capabilities. All material and updated documentation is available for download at or directly at

The new firmware and configuration software versions are loaded with new features and improvements. Now the auxiliary RS485 interface (HMIs) can be configured and used as a generic slave Modbus-RTU interface, and Modbus Configurator functionality has been improved with optimized TCP speeds. The new updates have also created the 'Accumulation' function for the virtual channels which adds the channel value to the amount at each time interval (configurable). A 'Variation' function has also been created for the virtual channels, which returns the difference of the channel value at each time interval (also configurable). In case users select a digital channel, the countings will be returned instead.

Additionally, an alarm option has been added to preset/zero counters and/or accumulators. Other new features include an option to use the value read from a remote channel as "signed" or "unsigned", and the command-line download via Modbus-TCP now has an option to select the port and time out for the connection.

The new updates also resolve several known issues, including an issue that could corrupt the configuration when read from slow paths such as GPRS or satellite links. FieldLogger response for the SNMP protocol was highly improved, since it had some limitations when reading grouped variables (OIDs). CRC removal from the Modbus-TCP packet when coming from a Modbus-RTU slave (gateway function) caused a few problems in the gateway behavior when used by SuperView and has now been addressed. The previous 16-channel limit when selecting the table option for viewing downloaded data has been removed. FTP download file creation, exporting large numbers of channels, and remote channel functionality have also received improvements.

The FieldLogger is an analog and digital variables data logger which can act as Modbus RTU master and read registers from other slaves. Capable of performing mathematical operations in the input channels, it is a high-speed reading and logging device with lots of available memory and many connectivity options.

For more information on the popular Novus FieldLogger, other flexible Novus dataloggers, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or visit the website at

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