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Carsonite Awarded Contract for Cleveland Area Sound Barrier

Press release date: Sep 04, 2007

Carsonite Sound Barrier(TM) is being installed along the CSX Railroad

EARLY BRANCH, SC -- Carsonite Composites, a leading manufacturer of flexible marking systems and safety-oriented products used in the highway, utility and recreation markets, today announced that its Carsonite Sound Barrier is being installed along the CSX Railroad line in several Cleveland, Ohio communities.

The Carsonite Sound Barrier is being erected in four neighborhoods located along the CSX line in order to minimize noise levels from trains traveling in these areas. Hinckley, Ohio-based Great Lakes Construction Inc., which is installing the sound barriers, was awarded a contract of more than $3 million from the city of Cleveland as part of the CSX sound mitigation project.

The project resulted from a settlement of a lawsuit filed by the city of Cleveland against CSX in response to residents complaining about heavy train traffic in their neighborhoods. The project includes the installation of nearly 4 miles of approximately twelve-foot tall Carsonite sound barriers in the affected areas. Installation of the sound barriers is expected to be completed by November 2003.

The Carsonite Sound Barrier is constructed of fiberglass reinforced polymer panel, which offer inherent sound absorptive properties. This design provides superior noise reduction in neighborhoods close to freeways, high-speed traffic, or railways. These panels feature a tongue-and-groove design that makes installation easier. Based on its durable, corrosion-resistant finish, the Carsonite Sound Barrier design is also easier to maintain than sound barriers made of concrete, metal, and wood. These sound barriers also significantly reduce the amount of solid waste in the environment because the barriers are often times filled with ground scrap tires that are usually disposed of at landfills.

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