Campbell Soup Stirs up Better Supply Chain Management

Camden, NJ: Campbell Soup Co. has employed business intelligence software from QlikTech to analyze corporate data in innovative ways to improve inventory control and ensure the right product mix is available to customers at the right time.

"QlikView's analytical power and simplicity enable our employees to more easily access critical information from disparate sources at a moment's notice," says Michael Mastroianni, vice president of North American planning, reliability and operations for Campbell's.

"Thanks to QlikView we now have a level of organizational visibility that was not previously achievable. This allows us to better leverage data in our management systems and understand the financial implications of supply chain decisions."

In order to streamline operations and increase production efficiency, Campbell's supply chain team enlisted Terra Technology, a provider of demand sensing solutions for consumer goods companies to deploy QlikView at the company's headquarters, here.

Raynor, PA-based QlikTech and Terra Technology, Norwalk, CT, provide Campbell with the necessary tools to improve inventory analysis management and projections, sales and long-term forecasting analysis, demand planning, schedule compliance, transportation and warehouse scheduling.

Today, members of the company's plant production, finance, and logistics departments use QlikView to make educated business decisions on a daily basis.

"It is essential for leading companies like Campbell to have access to tools that allow the highest possible level of supply-chain optimization," says Robert F. Byrne, president and CEO of Terra Technology. "With QlikView, we can offer Campbell and our other clients, a simple, yet exceptionally powerful tool that enables their employees to quickly and deeply delve into data and make on-demand business decisions."

"Campbell recognizes the need to identify and address the changing dynamics of its market to stay one step ahead of the competition, and it is meeting these challenges by investing in their business analysis process and systems," says Rick Pitts, CEO of U.S. operations for QlikTech. "By implementing QlikView, Campbell has provided its employees the tools they need to make on-the-fly decisions and improve customer satisfaction."

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