Calnetix Advanced Motor Generator Technology at the Heart of Mitsubishi Award-Winning Hybrid Turbocharger

California-Based High-Tech Engineering Firm Develops Shipboard Energy Recovery Solutions to Improve Ship Efficiency and Reduce Emissions

CERRITOS, Calif. – The award-winning MET Hybrid Turbocharger from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Marine Machinery Engine Co. Ltd. (MHI-MME) utilizes a motor generator system and power electronics developed by Calnetix Technologies.

The Japan Machinery Foundation presented its President’s Award to MHI-MME for the new-technology turbocharger in the 36th Energy Conserving Machinery competition last month.

Calnetix’s patented Magnaforce™ high-speed permanent magnet motor generator is housed within the turbocharger. By diverting a small portion of the engine exhaust gas that would normally be dedicated entirely to the turbocharger, the new MET Hybrid is able to provide all the auxiliary electric power required for the ship, eliminating the need for running a separate diesel generator. When the ship is at cruising speed, the integrated Magnaforce generator, driven by the turbocharger rotor shaft, acts as a motor, producing up to five percent of the main engine output.

The compact MET Hybrid Turbocharger is designed for easy retrofit in the ship’s engine room and requires no major engine modifications.

“We see tremendous opportunities for applying our patented energy-recovery technologies in the maritime industry, as shipowners seek ways to improve efficiency and comply with rigorous emission standards,” said Calnetix CEO Vatche Artinian. “We have extensive experience in manufacturing and deploying solutions for waste-energy conversion for power generation in land-based installations, and we’re now transferring that proven technology into the maritime industry.”

The Magnaforce motor generator technology is also being used in the Hydrocurrent™ heat-recovery system, also developed jointly by MHI-MME and Calnetix. Hydrocurrent uses an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) heat recovery process and patented power conversion technology to derive usable electric power from heat in the engine’s jacket water. The system was approved by Lloyd’s Register and ClassNK last year, and the first system will commence ship trials on a large container vessel next month.

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