California Blow Molder Finds Success in Cases

Blow Molded Products in Glen Avon, California, is finding great success in their line of blow-molded cases. While some companies are finding business a little tougher these days, BMP is concentrating on their experience and expertise in blow molding to sustain their rapid growth.

Larry Harden, Owner & President of BMP, is concentrating his efforts on what he knows best - providing real life solutions to manufacturing issues. Over the last few years BMP has invested in tooling for a standard line of blow molded cases. Larry has seen usage for BMP's line of high quality, stylish cases expand into a variety of applications. Most people can readily identify with blow-molded cases used by many tool manufacturers and retailers (Sears, Home Depot), but few would imagine the range of uses for these sturdy, attractive and functional cases. Most recently, more and more electronic manufacturers are looking for plastic cases to house their hand held electronics. You might notice your UPS or Fed-X carriers using them to hold their electronic tracking equipment. Or perhaps you've seen a local sales rep. using a plastic case to house their samples. These and other applications are fueling the growth at Blow Molded Products.

To capitalize on the opportunities presented by this market, Larry has continued to invest in the essentials to make his business competitive: state-of-the-art equipment and great people. On the equipment side, BMP has developed the ability to make their own tooling, from design to production. This has reduced lead times substantially and, also, reduced translation errors between design and production. BMP has also continued to add blow-molding presses to stay ahead of their current 3-shift demand. BMP has aggressively hired and trained new employees to meet the demand.

With a full line of standard cases BMP can customize the inside to house most types of products. In fact, BMP's recently organized Injection Molding operation allows them to both blow mold the cases and injection mold many of the key components found in the case. Again, by focusing on talented people and capable equipment, BMP has attracted some large orders requiring both these manufacturing specialties.

To round out their unique capabilities, BMP has also found itself doing specialized assembly and packaging work to provide their client a complete, ready to use, case. This 'one-stop shop' capability has made their services unique, reducing overall project costs for their customers and providing a real value oriented service.

Besides their standard line of cases, BMP also makes custom blow molded cases for their customer's unique requirements. This is where their expertise in design and tooling separates them from other blow molders in the area.

In keeping with BMP's commitment to staying technologically current, BMP has recently unveiled their new website at BMP has found electronic file interchange to be particularly important in translating customers' designs into production parts. Using customer-supplied drawings, BMP is able to directly convert those drawings to programs that will make prototype or production tooling.

Larry Harden sees a direct correlation between BMP's ability to build value into their customers products with their growth in the market. Blow Molded Products ability to be fast, flexible and competitive relies on their continued ability to anticipate the real needs of their very real life customers.

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